CTO, Architect, Project Manager or Developer

  • Boutique technology services for the Mobile Enterprise 

The Mobile Enterprise is defined by roaming consumers (think iPhone or laptop users) of information services. This is your future, if not current reality. These cloud based services are powerful and ubiquitous but far from homogeneous or congruent.

This is the challenge: every business consumer has a favorite "app", yet the enterprise must maintain fiduciary governance over sensitive information as it moves through the private and public clouds. No one wants their SSN, credit card or medical record "lost", physically on a laptop or electronically in the cloud.

Power Utilities use the grid to safely deliver commoditized energy services to customers who only need to know what shape of electrical plug to use. Similarly, the Mobile Enterprise is an Information Utility using the internet to securely deliver commoditized cloud computing services. The “plug” for roaming IT consumers is a Virtual Information Platform™ (VIP).

I understand the complexities and nuances of the Mobile Enterprise and can help you manage what lies on the horizon.
  • Secure the Cloud in the palm of your hand

Enjoy profitable solutions through rational optimism, risk management and systematic implementation. I will guide you to increased value by taking the path of critical thinking and imagination. 

Hailing from the mountainous PNW (Pacific North West), my “trailhead” started, way-back, when I combined field science with DIY Z80 computers and genetic algorithms. Professionally, I continued with process engineering in manufacturing and then moved to mainstream information technology. 

My roles as a manufacturing project manager traversed staff, line and consulting positions. I then revisited an old track as a software development “sherpa” and advanced on to lead ascents into the “clouds”. Survival at “altitude” (creating enterprise software) necessitated the Lean project management tools of my earlier treks; think Agile without the attitude.

I can plan a first ascent, pick up a rope and lead, survive a storm and get everyone home with plenty of “reserves” for the next challenge. We will make a great team.


  • Software Services:
    • iPhone development
    • Architecture & Business Analysis
    • Cocoa / Ruby / Rails MVC development
  • Consulting Services:
    • Mobile strategies
    • Virtual Information Platforms VIP's 
      • Cloud computing:
        • SaaS
        • PaaS
        • IaaS
      • Secure untethered virtual desktops
      • Identity Access Management
    • NoSQL Schemaless databases
    • Healthcare EMR's
    • Enterprise financials
    • SDLC 3 ⊕ {Lean : Agile : _UP}
    • Project Management
    • Product Mgt, design, valuation & audit
    • Disaster recovery planning

CTO D1Bru LLC 2007-2011

Boutique technology services for the Mobile Enterprise.

Startup or Enterprise, small or large, I succeed in a variety of roles and enjoy them all.

Management with a Lean bias that empowers each member in any size team. Providing solutions using a practical & non-zealous Software Delivery Life Cycle process (SDLC 3), using the best of Lean, Agile & _UP methodologies. Working as an agent, manager or implementer, I focus on the business need at the appropriate granularity for results. Putting a new set of eyes on green-field, redesign or acquisition projects and exploiting their opportunities.

Designing & sourcing Virtual Information Platforms (VIP's) for mobile practitioners in healthcare and other professions. Extending the enterprise MSP / SaaS model to a subscription platform that delivers applications as a service utility. Think enterprise app store and secure, maintenance-free, agnostic endpoint; all rolled into one service. VIP's provide a convenient solution for mobile consumers by allowing freedom of choice in endpoint devices while hiding the cost saving complexities of cloud computing.

Apps providing business advantage or instructional simulationAggregate enterprise information sources for tactical advantage. Animate space & time to provide JIT training for critical processes. Push information from deep within the business to exploit new opportunities; you can even reach for the ”clouds”.

We will make a great team, whether your "computer" is one ton, one ounce or light as a cloud.  details below...


  • Enterprise SaaS
  • Secured hierarchical social network
  • Financial analytics / Business Intelligence

Chief Architect MedAxiom 2004-2006

Charting the 2nd generation of service.

Designed, sourced, negotiated and staffed the IT infrastructure for this medical information start-up. The development team spanned eight time zones. Three products exploited the information secured in a DB2 database via the web.   details below...

Enterprise IT Services:

  • Business Analyst & Developer
  • Lean SDLC
  • Diverse multi-industry customer base
    • Direct client contact
    • Large financial code bases
    • Large secured databases
    • Team education
  • J2EE, WebSphere & tools trainer

Systems Analyst Gate Petroleum 1995-2004

Custom solutions for unique business demands.

Full life cycle responsibility for numerous integration and customization projects using J. D. Edwards and Infinium Software packages with special emphasis on the Infinium Financial Suite.   details below...

Lean Business Process Re-Design:

  • Project Manager
  • Consultant & Facilitator
  • Engineering & Operations Responsibilitie
  • Diverse Manufacturing Environments:
    • Process
    • Job Shop
  • Activity-based costing

Staff → Line → Consultant 1985-1995

Bringing a Lean approach to the plant floor.

Lean re-design projects, tightening the gap between creation and consumption by providing Just In Time service to customers. Better communication. Lower costs. Happy customers. Successfully increased output and quality while decreasing cost. My time was split about evenly between automation projects and personnel  training.   details below...